It's that time of year again!  The hustle and bustle, the merry and bright, the crazy shopping sprees and the food comas!  The holidays have approached us.  This past Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing these little cuties, who are also known as two of the coolest little kids I get to hang out with from time to time, Fletch & Eve (my friend's kids).  Fletch & Eve were awesome models for their holiday shoot in Evergreen.  I kept telling their dad that he had two little Zoolanders on his hands.  I'll be truthful here, it's been a while since I've had a session with smaller children, but it helped that these two have such a beautiful brother-sister bond that it made photographing them as easy as dad telling a joke. 

For a limited time I am offering a discounted 1-hour rate for your Holiday Photos.  Normally my hourly sessions are $175, but until 12/19/2015 I will offer them for $100 for 10 digital prints.  Contact me soon to book a session.  Time is running out!