Life is a series of funny, random, intertwined events.  It's almost daily that I take a look at my life and have to do a double take to make sure I didn't accidentally get cast in a rom-com, sitcom, or some sort of "New Girl" show that I wasn't aware of.  I love it!

I am more than proud to share these images with you, world.  These shots are of a beautiful young woman named Shantel and her equally gorgeous boyfriend, Daniel, that I met after a crazy, adventurous night on Broadway in Denver.  It was my husband's company holiday party in early December, and "the gang" went to an after party where there was a whole lot of bad dancing, a disco ball, drinks to be consumed (which Daniel was helping dish out), and Shantel sitting at the end of the bar, watching all the crazy happen.  She was absolutely beautiful.  I'm not a shy person by any means, so I took the opportunity to introduce myself and gave her my card.  I knew my camera would love her. 

Working with Shantel and Daniel was everything that I wanted it to be!  A winter-chic, young love photo shoot, where they are enchanted with one another in the city that we all call home.  Don't think for a second that these images are too posed, as there was very little direction on my part; they made my job easy.  I am in love with their love! It's infectious!  Happy early Valentine's day to all you lovers out there.  MUAH!!

Thank you to my models: Shantel Pollock & Daniel Francis