Sam & Emily are part of a much larger musical love story Denver is currently authoring among the several local acts that are shaping the sound of today. They represent the modern day artist couple that speak to a generation that not only idolize, but compliment the lifestyles of New York City's revolutionary music scene in the 1970's. Art was challenged and celebrated for it's diverse sounds - and thus making its mark on history for generations to come. Think of them as the real life characters of La La Land dressed in trendy hats, making their own musical history and their mark on this city. It's in my opinion that years from now people will be talking about Sam and Emily, and how they used to live in an old armory when they first started out. 

Last spring I had the opportunity to photograph some friends of mine who love, play and live music. Samuel Edgar & Emily Cooper of The Samuel Edgar Band, a musically talented couple - both professional musicians living and working in Denver, CO, allowed me to have an intimate look at what an artist's life looks like while living and working in a musical warehouse.

At the time of this shoot Sam & Emily were nestled in a cozy attic studio loft that they shared with their chi-weenie, Dani. The loft, located in the Five Points neighborhood, provided 360 views of the city of Denver, and is also the home of their recording studio and the rehearsal space for about 30 local Denver bands. 

Sam & Emily entertained me with some songs as I clicked away catching their faces beam naturally of love for their music, and each other. Their words and notes beat effortlessly to their songs, all originals, as they harmonize and share faint smiles to one another as they lock eyes unknowingly. Dani the dog and myself just stood back and watched in awe of the authentic relationship that was in front of us. Allowing the music to be heard and seen undisturbed. 

After Sam & Emily played a few songs for me in the attic loft, we then moved to the roof and then the full tour began of the decades old former armory. As we paced through the building, the halls echoed with other musicians rehearsing in individual practice rooms, filling the hallways with a constant white noise as we photographed in different nooks and corners of the unique space. In halls that were dark and unpainted, and large rooms filled with forgotten antiques, Sam and Emily acted as if they were in their natural element. And rightly so. Every person who we encountered during our short session they knew by first name and were genuinely interested in their ongoing musical projects. 

To get more updates on Sam & Emily and The Samuel Edgar Band check out their facebook page for their next performance.


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